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A professionally designed and landscaped garden, enhanced with statement features such as a pond, waterfall, or simply a few stylish ceramics, will add significantly to the capital value and lifestyle benefits of your home.  If you are thinking about renovating or enhancing your own garden or courtyard you can rely on 35 years industry experience for quality construction of:

Courtyards Adelaide

A few square metres of open space, walls, paving, plants and a dream are all homeowners need to create spectacular courtyards. Adelaide summers are typically warm and sunny, almost begging for outdoor living. This makes a courtyard a practical and wonderfully relaxing addition to your home. Modern courtyards can be designed to flow effortlessly from your internal living spaces. They can also be designed to make the most out of small spaces. Whatever courtyard style you choose, a unique design incorporating materials such as natural timbers, textured pavers and stone along with specific plant and garden accessories, can help you capture the true essence of outdoor living.  For some examples of past courtyard projects click here.

Gazebos Adelaide

Whether modern Bali hut inspired or traditional with hints of high tea and elegance, the ideas are endless for designing and building shade structures. Adelaide summers can be very warm and shade in your backyard may be difficult to find. Imagine a gazebo waiting at the bottom of your garden covered with a canopy of lush greenery. If you enjoy swimming, perhaps your dream is to step out of your swimming pool into the protective shade of your pergola or gazebo, to relax with a tall glass filled with something cool and refreshing. The design of these structures renders them the perfect choice for unobtrusive relaxation and entertainment.

Water features Adelaide

Adding a water element to your garden can be an exciting project and "now" is always the right time to start designing your water feature! Adelaide homes are often built on compact blocks, but when it comes to installing a water feature size need not be an issue. Even the tiniest of courtyards can accommodate a serene Zen-like pond, a home for miniature water lilies and bright goldfish, or a gently flowing waterfall slipping over shallow pebbles. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger backyard you can increase the scale - a high waterfall with water cascading into a series of ponds each flowing into the other, before returning the water to begin the cycle again.

Ponds Adelaide

Fish, butterflies, birds, frogs, aquatic plants and the calming sound of flowing water are little delights of nature that can be enjoyed by those with backyard ponds. Discerning Adelaide residents know the value of incorporating a cool, soothing oasis into their garden landscape. Imagine relaxing in the shade of a gazebo listening to the sounds of gently moving water or just enjoying the visual beauty of your pond. Your dream may be a single pond emerging seamlessly from your garden landscape; or a series of smaller ponds, drawing the eye with a constantly rearranging display of water slipping over boulders. Whether your pond is to be incorporated into your existing landscape design or is to become a central feature in your backyard makeover, we’d enjoy working with you to create your own personal oasis.  For some examples of our work click here.

Irrigation Systems Adelaide

Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate which means we have very hot dry summers with most of our rain falling in the winter months.  As our climate seems to be warming, water conservation at both a local and national level has become increasingly more important. With this in mind the design of irrigation systems has changed quite markedly over the past 15 years. No longer is irrigation limited to shrub sprays, mini-sprays and old-style pop-ups, water can now be applied more sparingly and directly with an assortment of drippers, KISS underground irrigation systems and pop-ups that use water more conservatively. Chris Coombs' experience and expertise in implementing effective watering systems takes into account many factors such as soil type, site micro-climate, types of plants and topography.

Paving Adelaide

Whether they surround your swimming pool adding an unexpected splash of colour, or enhance your patio and barbeque area with style and charm, one thing you shouldn’t be without is quality paving. Adelaide is filled with warm days and balmy evenings for several months of the year, encouraging an outdoor lifestyle enjoyed with friends and family. So why not take advantage of the climate by utilizing clever paving selections and design as part of your garden landscape. The right paving can also provide you with a safe entertainment surface along with a practical, hard wearing finish. The completed appearance of your project will depend on the paving colour and shape you choose from the large range of character filled natural stone or modern textured man-made finishes.

Garden renovations Adelaide

Is your Adelaide garden in need of a makeover? Are you trying to choose from an endless range of ideas or potential garden designs? Adelaide has some of the most inspiring gardens in the nation. Perhaps it’s time to turn your garden from a forgotten wilderness into something fresh and inspiring. Even the hardiest of gardeners may find the prospect of trying to re-establish order in an overgrown garden a little overwhelming. So, why not leave it to the garden renovation experts? With our endless garden design ideas your backyard can be effortlessly transformed into an easily-maintained, well-ordered garden while still retaining its original character if that's what you desire.  For some examples of our garden renovations click here.

Swimming pool surrounds Adelaide

Once you’ve chosen a swimming pool design that’s the perfect shape, size and colour for your backyard you may want to complement it with one of our outstanding swimming pool surrounds. Adelaide pool owners can choose a design that offers the ultimate finishing touch for their pool area and overall landscape design. The surround of the pool can be as important to the appearance of the finished project as the pool itself. Because swimming pool surrounds are the link between the pool and the home it’s essential to have a smooth transition. Paving, natural stone and timber decking are all popular choices and can be selected to complement both the landscape design and exterior of your home.  View some of our work with swimming pools and surrounds here.

Waterfalls Adelaide

Life-sustaining water appeals to so many of our senses, including touch, taste, sight and sound. Perhaps that’s why some people desire to incorporate a waterfall in their garden makeover. Wise Adelaide home owners understand the importance of water as a valuable resource and that a professionally built water feature that recycles water, will not compromise their water conservation ideals. Waterfalls can be designed to create a soft and subtle flow or a dramatic, tumbling cascade! Waterfalls can also be designed for ponds, swimming pools and spas.  Adelaide heat won’t stand a chance against a cool, refreshing water feature in your backyard!

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